How to Go Nomadic as a Couple

Itching to hit the road with your partner and never look back? You might be among the many considering a leap into a nomadic lifestyle, especially if you’ll be working remotely for the foreseeable future. Lucky for you, life on the road as a nomad is far more accessible than you might imagine. But before you sell all of your things and tell your parents that you won’t be home for the holidays, there are a few steps you should take to set yourselves up for success.

Step 1. Preparation

Even if you and your partner feel ready to dive head first into a nomadic adventure, your transition into a new lifestyle will be impacted by how thoroughly you prepare. One of the best first steps is to follow or join a virtual community of like-minded individuals and soak up as many insights as possible. A few great options include Location Indie, The Nomadic Network, Nomadic Matt, and Nomad List. You might also want to explore location-specific Facebook groups and blogs to hone in on the perfect network for you.

As you and your partner gather formation from these communities and groups, you should also start to consider all financial- and location-specific ties to your current home. You’ll want to begin eliminating certain aspects of this lifestyle, including little things like your gym membership and big things like your living space. Start with the easy things - if you won’t be needing it once you go nomadic, cutting it out now will save you money and help you mentally prepare for life without it. Maybe this means canceling your Netflix subscription, selling some of your furniture, or finally purging your closets to get rid of non-essentials. 

Eventually though, you’ll need to ditch the apartment and anything else you can’t take with you. Join local Facebook housing groups to find subleasers, or opt to list your space on Airbnb (bonus: doing this could serve as an extra source of income while you travel). And, if you can’t store your leftover belongings at mom and dad’s, explore affordable self storage options to find one that works for you both. 

Step 2. Income

If both you and your partner are planning to keep your current jobs and work virtually from wherever you end up, this step is fairly easy! While we wouldn’t blame you for perma-blurring your background in Microsoft Teams, you may want to consider notifying your employer of your plans should it impact your accessibility. 

But if one (or both) of you are considering a career change, it’s important to sort through those details before you take off. Luckily, the impact of COVID-19 has led to exponential growth in opportunities to work remotely or make a living as an online service provider. If you’re considering freelancing, sites like Upwork and Fiverr make it easy to travel while earning money by leveraging your skills. And of course, there are new social media platforms and apps being developed everyday. Some nomads have found ways to monetize their social content and grow their following over time. 

Step 3. Pick a Place 

Maybe when you envision your life as a nomad you imagine living out of a conversion van or being constantly on-the-go. If that’s the case, you’ll want to rely heavily on the communities that you’ve joined and the research that you’ve done to help inform your decisions along the way. If your version of nomadic life looks more like long-term stays in cities you’ve always wanted to visit, we have a few more recommendations in store. 

You might start by browsing Airbnb sublet options. There are plenty of hosts that allow (or prefer) longer term visitors and offer monthly pricing. Airbnb has even compiled this collection of sublet stays that are perfect for on-the-go workers and feature both wifi and a laptop-friendly desk space.  

For accommodations that offer a bit of added luxury, we recommend exploring Sonder. Knowing that not all hotels are hip and not all hosts are reliable, Sonder caters to millennials looking to find fresh stays with convenient amenities like wifi, artisan coffee, professional cleaning, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Bougie. 

Step 4. Plan & Set Goals 

As things start to come together and you both prepare to bid your “old” life farewell, put time on the calendar to chat about your plans and goals. Get on the same page before you leave by making decisions about how long you’ll potentially live a nomadic lifestyle, where you’d like to go, what’s on your bucket list, and how you might tackle any obstacles along the way. Agree on the precautions you’ll take to maintain a healthy and safe environment as the world continues to battle COVID-19. Your nomadic journey together will present opportunities to grow, change, and try new things. Setting goals will ensure that you’re making the most of your adventure and will be better because of it. 

Step 5. Go 

It’s time! Once you’ve found a safe place for the belongings you’re leaving behind, chosen a destination that excites you, and said “see you later” to your loved ones, you’re ready to go. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to going nomadic, so enjoy the ride and stay open to new experiences with your partner.