The Secrets to Slam-Dunk Gift Giving

How-To Buy the Best Gift

Finding the perfect gift is hard. After all, is it even possible to find a unique gift that accurately expresses your appreciation to your partner for putting up with you during quarantine and keeping you sane when the world was crumbling to pieces? Turns out, it is, and we’ve found the secret formula of considerations to help you pick out a gift that says it all. 

You’ve probably already stumbled upon a few (or a few hundred) gift guides listing the hottest tech or the coolest customizable trinkets Etsy has to offer, but if you’re more interested in figuring out the secret to finding the perfect gift than what’s trending or ‘hot’ this year, you’ve come to the right place. 

The Upgrade Approach

Before you browse Amazon to see if something catches your eye, consider the basic tools and items that your partner uses every day. Maybe they workout daily or really savor their morning coffee routine - make a list of things that consistently bring them joy and the equipment or products that they rely on to participate in these hobbies (like their smartwatch or a coffee grinder). It won’t take you long to identify something that could use an upgrade. By gifting them a new and improved version of something they need to do the things they love, you’re showing them that you appreciate their hobby and want it to bring them even more joy, because they deserve it. 

The Great Escape

It’s no secret that we could all use a break from our typical surroundings. If you and your S.O. haven’t had a chance to escape the craziness of home since the pandemic took over, there’s a great gift idea staring you in the face. Whether you decide to make a getaway plan together or choose to surprise them with an I.O.U. for some time away, prioritizing your quality time together is a great way to show them you care. And sometimes, the best present is your presence (thanks, we’ll be here all week). Staycations, short road trips, and Airbnbs offer great opportunities to break free of your apartment and enjoy some safe adventures. 

The Meaningful Method

We’ll bet there’s a few things you’ve always wanted to do, but weren’t willing to spend the money on. Everybody has their own list, and your partner is no exception. Perhaps they’ve always wanted to skydive but buying new dress shirts always seems like the more “responsible” choice. Or maybe they’re interested in film photography but can’t justify the investment because their iPhone camera is technically superior. We often prioritize practical purchases because it seems like the right thing to do, and that’s what makes this method so special. By considering the first things your S.O. would do or buy if they won the lottery, shopping for the perfect gift is suddenly so simple.