The essential app for living together.

Tandem is reinventing how the modern household grows wealth — from splitting groceries to planning and saving for your next shared goal.

Tandem is not a bank. Banking services provided by Third Coast Bank SSB, Member FDIC.


Plan. Save. Spend. Split. Tandem helps you and your partner achieve your money goals each step of the way.

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Find that perfect couch. Decide on your next big vacation. Work toward your dream home. Tandem helps you and your partner save items for future purchase and map out all your goals in one convenient place.


You and your partner can contribute to specific goals, track progress, and earn 4.70% interest together through high-yield savings accounts. The future is closer than you think — Tandem helps you hit your targets with ease.


When you’ve reached your goals, you can purchase the products you and your partner love directly from the app, then start planning for your next big adventure.


Say goodbye to endless Venmo requests and spreadsheets. Settle up your expenses with a simple swipe — and get on with your life.


What people are saying

Join tens of thousands of couples that trust Tandem to accomplish their goals together.
App Store Review
SeninhaBarbudo said...
“Tandem’s made it painless to manage our accounts. It’s refreshing not to be sold another joint account or made to use one in order to use the service.”
App Store Review
Ekg006 said...
“This makes it so much easier to split expenses, hands down. If you regularly split expenses with someone, do yourself a favor and download this app.”
App Store Review
Kp54321 said...
“Tandem has made sharing expenses with a partner so easy. My boyfriend and I never have to think about money or keep track of who’s paying for what. Couldn’t recommend Tandem enough!”
App Store Review
Hf694 said...
“10 times better than Venmo. The setup was painless, and I love that I can add expenses from my different credit cards. So glad we found this app!”
App Store Review
Seashu said...
“Splitwise and Venmo have nothing on this app. It is legitimately one of our favorite apps. Expenses take less than 15 min for me now, I do it as I go as well!”

Built by couples, for couples to make money management easier.


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Built by couples, for couples to make money management easier.