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6 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Wedding Registry on Amazon

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Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and creating a registry is a fun and practical way to ensure your new chapter includes  everything you need. If you're an Amazon Prime member and an avid Amazon shopper, registering for your wedding gifts on Amazon is a no brainier. Let's delve into why couples are opting for Amazon's wedding registry services.

1. Free and User-Friendly

Setting up your wedding registry on Amazon is a breeze. It's user-friendly, and the best part? It's entirely free. You can start curating your dream wish list without any extra costs, making it accessible for all couples, regardless of their budget.

2. Personalized Gift Advisor

Amazon goes the extra mile to make your registry experience special. Their Gift Advisor is like your own personal shopper, providing tailored recommendations for items to add to your registry. Whether you're looking for kitchen gadgets, home decor, or tech essentials, Amazon's Gift Advisor has got you covered.

3. Exclusive 20% Discount

One of the standout perks of an Amazon wedding registry is the exclusive 20% discount code you receive after your wedding date. This code allows you to enjoy savings on select items shipped and sold by To qualify for this generous discount, you need to reach a $500+ threshold in qualifying purchases from your registry.

4. Curated Selection from Amazon

To help you reach the $500+ threshold and maximize your savings, Amazon makes it easy to find items sold by Amazon itself. By adding these items to your registry, you ensure you can take full advantage of the 20% discount. This curated selection includes a wide range of products, from everyday essentials to unique and special gifts.

5. Hassle-Free Gift Tracking

Amazon understands that you have enough on your plate during your wedding preparations. With their registry, gifts are shipped directly to your doorstep, complete with a handy list of who sent what. You won't need to keep track of gifts as you open them—Amazon takes care of the organization, so you can focus on celebrating your love.

6. Extended Return Policy

After your wedding, you and your spouse may be jetting off on a romantic honeymoon. Amazon acknowledges this and offers an extended return policy of 180 days for items purchased from your registry. This ensures you have ample time to return or exchange gifts, even if you're not immediately available to do so.

Amazon's wedding registry offers a ton of perks that cater to couples who appreciate convenience, savings, and a personalized shopping experience. With a free, user-friendly platform, a Gift Advisor to guide your selections, exclusive discounts, a curated selection of Amazon-sold items, hassle-free gift tracking, and an extended return policy, Amazon ensures that your registry is enjoyable to craft and stress-free. Happy registering!


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