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Financial Foundations I Swear By as a Former Wall Street Investor

Tandem Staff

As a former Wall Street investor, turned co-founder of a financial app for couples, I've learned a thing or two about managing money as a partner.

One of the first things I recommend to couples is to open a high-yield savings account. These accounts offer higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts, making your money grows faster. Plus, they're typically available at online banks and credit unions, which often have lower fees and overhead costs than brick and mortar banks, saving you even more in the long run.

By regularly contributing to your high-yield savings account, you'll take advantage of the power of compounding interest. Over time, this can significantly boost your savings growth, helping you reach your goals faster and with less effort.

When it comes to planning and saving for purchases with your partner, the Tandem app is unlike anything else in the market. The app is like Pinterest for couples, offering you the ability to plan and save together for joint aspirations. Couples can attach a high-yield savings account to a shared goals and can easily track progress while saving for those big-ticket items together.

With Tandem, you can pin inspiration and products you're eyeing directly to your goal board. Whether it's that dream vacation or a new piece of furniture for your home, having visual reminders can help keep you motivated and focused on your financial goals.

Securing a stable financial future together is essential for long-term success.  Focus on saving in a high-yield account and using tools like the Tandem app, to effectively manage your finances as a team.


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