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Tandem Unveils Goals Feature Set, Announces $3.7M in Seed Funding Led by Corazon Capital

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The new Goals feature will redefine how couples plan, save and achieve money milestones together without the need for shared cards.

CHICAGO, IL, USA, March 5, 2024 / -- Tandem, the mobile app designed to help couples manage their finances, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Goals feature set within the app, which is available now. Expanding on the mobile app’s inaugural year’s success, during which over 25,000 couples effectively managed over $60 million in shared expenses through Tandem, these new features are set to revolutionize how couples plan and achieve their financial goals together. Simultaneously, Tandem has announced a $3.7 million seed funding round, led by Corazon Capital (which includes former executives from OkCupid, Match Group, and Tinder).

The new Goals features allow couples to collaboratively plan savings goals, store their saved money, earn interest together through high-yield savings accounts, create wish lists for future purchases, and seamlessly make those purchases together once their goals are achieved—all within the Tandem app. Check it out here.“Imagine Pinterest meets fintech or a registry for items you're saving up for, together,” said Tandem Co-Founder, Michelle Winterfield. “The feature is designed to make financial planning an enjoyable and collaborative experience for couples, providing a centralized platform for shared aspirations.”

Tandem’s Goals feature differs from others in this space because the team behind the product realized there were more pieces to the puzzle than just offering shared savings accounts. This is why they’ve layered in a Pinterest-like experience to pair with joint savings goals. It bridges the gap between inspiration and execution and mirrors the process couples actually go through in their day-to-day lives. Goals are just the latest features added to Tandem's existing app, which also allows couples to effortlessly split shared expenses without the complexities of joint accounts, shared debit cards, spreadsheets, or endless Venmo requests. By connecting their own cards to their separate Tandem accounts, users can customize expense splits at any ratio, with a consolidated running total for convenient settlement.

“I have rarely seen consumers love a product so much, underscoring the need for innovative solutions for the modern couple,” said Sam Yagan, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Corazon Capital and former Match Group CEO. “As a relationship expert, I have long believed in the need for a product to help couples navigate the unique challenges of managing their finances. Tandem stands out as a platform of reliability, trust, and modernity and helps new and existing relationships thrive financially and emotionally.”

Recognizing and personally living through the changing landscape of financial dynamics among the modern couple, Tandem's founders were inspired to create a solution that caters to the majority of American couples, who largely have separate bank accounts. “We had combined our lives but were living financially separately. We found ourselves frustrated with the constant hassle of back-and-forth Venmo requests with our partners, which made us realize the lack of suitable options for modern couples and the way we manage finances, so we set out to build a better way for partners to navigate their shared financial journey,” said Daniel Couvreur, Tandem Co-Founder.

As Tandem continues to redefine the landscape of shared finances, the new Goals experience in the app promises to bring couples closer to their financial goals while fostering a sense of collaboration and shared aspirations.

You can download the app here.

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Tandem is a mobile app for couples that offers a seamless solution to plan, save, spend, and split their finances. Whether married or not, Tandem eliminates the complexities of joint accounts, shared debit cards, spreadsheets, and endless P2P transactions. Going beyond mere expense management, Tandem allows couples to plan savings goals together, store their saved money jointly, create wish lists for future expenditures, and conveniently make those purchases once their goals are achieved—all within one user-friendly platform. In the past year alone, Tandem has become the go-to app for over 25,000 couples, enabling them to successfully manage and track over $60 million in shared expenses. For more information, visit:

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