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The Southwest Flight Hack You Need to Know

Tandem Staff

If you're a fan of flying Southwest, get ready to discover a hack that can help you save big on your next flight.

Have you ever booked a flight, only to later find out that the price has dropped? It's a frustrating experience, but with Southwest Airlines, there's a hidden trick that can put some money back in your pocket... well at least your Southwest account. Here's a walk you through that allows you to check for price differences in your current flight itinerary.

Step 1: Log Into Your App

To get started, open the Southwest Airlines app or website and log into your account.

Step 2: Access Your Existing Flight Reservation

Once you're logged in, navigate to your existing flight reservation. This should be the flight for which you want to check for price differences.

Step 3: Hit "Change" – Don't Worry, It Won't Change Your Reservation!

Click on the "Change" button within your reservation. Don't worry, clicking this button won't actually change your current reservation; you'll need to finalize the change further in the process.

Step 4: Explore Your Options

After clicking "Change," you'll see options for your flight as well as the other flight times that day. Here, you can see if your exact flight is currently available at a lower price than what you originally paid.

Step 5: Claim Your Savings

Let's say you find that your exact flight is indeed cheaper than what you initially paid. You can go ahead and select your exact flight from the options available. Southwest Airlines will then credit you the price difference to your Southwest account. These credits can be used towards future flights with the airline, helping you save on your upcoming travel.

Bonus Tip: Works with Points Too

The best part? This also applies to bookings made with points. If you initially booked your flight using Rapid Rewards points and discover a lower fare for the same flight, you can still claim the price difference in points.

It's a simple yet effective way to make sure you're always getting the best price for your flights. Happy flying, and happy saving!


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