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Tips for Moving In Together: Surprising Benefits of Homeowners Insurance for Couples

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When you think of homeowners insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is probably protection against fire or theft. However, many couples are unaware of the extensive coverage their standard policy might offer beyond these basic threats. Here some surprising things  homeowners insurance covers you probably didn’t know.

Expensive jewelry

If you’re engaged, getting engaged, or already married – you can add valuable jewelry to your insurance plan, just get it appraised first and have that for record for any future claims.

Food Spoilage Due to Power Outages

If a storm knocks out power and spoils all the food in your fridge, you might not have to swallow the cost. Many homeowners policies include coverage for food spoilage resulting from a power outage, reimbursing you for those spoiled groceries.

Fallen Objects

After a storm, the cost of removing fallen trees can be significant. Surprisingly, if a tree falls due to a storm and blocks your driveway or damages your home, your insurance policy might cover the removal costs.

And believe it or not, some insurance policies provide coverage for damage caused by space debris, such as satellite parts falling to Earth.

Unauthorized Transactions on Credit Cards

If your credit card is stolen and used for unauthorized transactions, your homeowners policy might cover the loss. Most policies include a clause for stolen credit card coverage, protecting you against fraudulent charges.

Building Code Upgrades

If your home is damaged and needs repairs, current building codes may require upgrades. Many insurance policies include ordinance or law coverage, which helps pay for these additional costs to ensure your home meets current standards.

Kidnapped Ransom Payments

Some policies go as far as offering coverage for ransom payments if a policyholder is kidnapped. This coverage typically comes with specific conditions and limits, so check your policy details.

Damage from the Weight of Snow or Ice

Homeowners in colder climates will appreciate knowing that damage caused by the weight of snow or ice on their home is typically covered. This can include roof collapses or other structural damages.

Libel or Slander

In today’s digital age, personal liability coverage in your homeowners policy might protect you against claims of libel or slander. This coverage can be crucial with the rise of social media use.


As recreational drone use becomes more common, it’s worth noting that damage caused by or to your drones might be covered under your personal property section of your homeowners insurance.

Volcanic Eruption

While not a daily concern for most, if your home is in an area prone to volcanic activity, damages from volcanic eruptions (excluding the flow of lava) are generally covered.

Grave Markers

In the unfortunate event of vandalism or damage, homeowners insurance policies often cover repairs or replacement of grave markers and headstones owned by the policyholder, reflecting a broad scope of personal property coverage.

Each policy is unique, so it's important to read the specifics of your coverage and talk to your insurance agent to fully understand what your homeowners insurance entails. Knowing these lesser-known coverages can help you make the most of your policy and provide additional security for your home and personal property.


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